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The 2023 Robalo R302 is topping 2023 boat sales for good reason. This luxurious center console yacht comes with premium in-class features, incredible performance, ultimate peace of mind, and doesn’t compromise functionality with its exceptional luxury comfort. Read on to learn more about what makes the 2023 Robalo R302 so special:

The R302 Basics

Before we take a deep dive into what makes the 2023 Robalo R302 so special, let’s go over its specs. The R302 is just over 29 feet and 9000 pounds with a 300-gallon fuel capacity. This Yacht Certified boat also offers up to 600 horsepower, making it as fast as it is luxurious.

Premium In-Class Features

The 2023 Robalo R302 is full of premium in-class features but two of its most well-loved features are its two oversized livewells and Kevlar-reinforced hull. The Kevlar-reinforced hull provides ultimate strength and durability while the oversized livewells are truly a fisherman’s dream.

Unmatched Performance

Attached to the 2023 Robalo R302 you’ll find top-of-the-line, twin Yamaha outboards, offering you up to 600 horsepower. You can expect this boat to reach 30 mph in well under 8 seconds and pop onto plane in 4. Thanks to its large 10ft 6in beam, this boat will also remain stable at high speeds and with sharp, carved turns.

Luxury Comfort Without Compromising Functionality

The 2023 Robalo R302 isn’t your standard center console boat. This boat offers molded-in backrests on both the port and starboard side without compromising the fishability of the bow. The Robalo’s additional storage, optional bow table, and full cushion package result in a boat ideal for both entertaining and sport fishing.

Ultimate Peace of Mind

When you purchase a 2023 Robalo R302, you’ll receive a Lifetime Limited Hull warranty and a 5-year component warranty. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing your boat is guaranteed to run seamlessly for many years to come. Additionally, Fish Tale Boats offers top-tier customer service and expert workmanship for any needs you may have on your boat.

See the 2023 Robalo R302 in person on the Fish Tale Boats sales floor and learn more about the boat itself by speaking to one of our knowledgeable sales staff.