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Boating Season

How to Maximize the 2023 Boating Season

Rather than get stuck on the “miserable mile” or on a busy beach, head straight to your own slice of paradise this boating season! Here are our top tips to make sure you are finding the best spots for Southwest Florida’s 2023 boating season:  Make the Miserable Mile Less Miserable The “miserable mile” is the […]

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Garmin LiveScope XR

Top Marine Electronics for 2023

If you are looking to purchase the latest and greatest marine electronics for your boat— these 2023 boat electronics won’t disappoint. Here are the top boat electronics recommended by your local Southwest Florida boat dealer, Fish Tale Boats: SimradGO7 XSR Chartplotter/Fishfinder If you purchase a new boat, like the 2023 Chaparral 21 SSi Ski & […]

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family boat

Tips for Including Kids in Boating

If you are introducing kiddos to the boating lifestyle, there are a few things to note before you hit the water! These tips, from boat dealer Fish Tale Boats, will help ensure you and the kids enjoy your boating days to their fullest: Pay Special Attention to Safety A big portion of properly preparing your […]

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Grady-White vs. Boston Whaler

Trying to make the decision between purchasing a Grady White boat or a Boston Whaler? There is no denying that both of these boats are top of their class, however, there are a few facts you should know before making a decision about which boat to buy: Engines and Performance When it comes to outboard-powered […]

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Chaparral 276 SSX OB on Water

Chaparral vs. Sea Ray: Which is a Better Boat?

Chaparral and Sea Ray are two popular manufacturers of fiberglass sport boats/sport yachts. With similar styles, the 2 brands are often compared. If you’re in the market for a new Chaparral boat or Sea Ray boat, you’re probably doing some research about which boat is better. Of course, there are a lot of factors involved […]

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Photo of the articleTips for Keeping your Boat Clean

Tips for Keeping your Boat Clean

Cleaning your boat is about more than your boat looking great. Regular cleanings prevent issues that require you to bring your vessel into the boat dealer and can improve the overall resale value of your boat. Here are a few tips to keep your boat clean and in tip-top condition:   Be Picky About Your […]

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People fishing on the boat

Best Boats for Inshore Fishing

It’s no secret that Southwest Florida is known for its top-tier fishing. When it comes to finding the best fishing boats for Southwest Florida, you might think that any boat will do – but not so fast. There are fishing destinations all over Southwest Florida, and where you do most of your fishing will help […]

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Photo of the articleShould I Sell My Boat?

Should I Sell My Boat?

If you’re toying with the idea of selling your boat, here are 3 reasons you should consider going ahead and making the jump. You Can Get a Great Price for It Since the pandemic, the demand for boats continues to rise. With such high demand, it’s a great time to get top dollar for your […]

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Waterways in Southwest Florida

Marine Etiquette: How to Boat in Busy SWFL Waterways

Before you head out into open waters, make sure you know as much marine etiquette as you can before boating in the busy Southwest Florida waterways! Here are a few tips to keep in mind from your local boat dealer, Fish Tale Boats. Understand The Navigation Markers Just like roads have markings, lights, and signs— […]

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