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Photo of the articleFun Customizations to Make to Your Robalo Boat

Fun Customizations to Make to Your Robalo Boat

Whether you would like to buy a fully customized brand new Robalo Boat or add some fun additions to your current Robalo Boat— you are going to love these great customizations! Each of these five options is sure to provide added fun to all your Robalo Boating adventures. Additional Fishing Rod Holders There’s no such […]

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Grady White Canyon 336

Caring For Your Grady-White During Off-Season

As high boating season comes to an end and our seasonal residents head home, this doesn’t mean you can just throw your boat in storage and hope for the best! Before you pack it up for the season, make sure you get your boat properly prepared for its “hibernation.” Here’s what you need to know […]

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Freedom 335 Grady white

Hot Upgrades to Make to Your Grady-White Boat

As a Grady-White boat owner, life can’t get much better— or can it? These hot upgrades for your Grady-White boat will make your best boating life even better! Autopilot Grady-White boats hold up well in rough waters with their revolutionary SeaV²® hull design and durable craftsmanship, but tackling large waves is made even easier with […]

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canyon 306 grady-white 30-foot center console

Overview of Grady-White’s Center Consoles

Whether you are looking for a center console with luxurious cabin space or just a great fishing boat with unbeatable performance, Grady-White boats are the best fit for you. Here are a few of the advantages of buying a center console boat. See Clearly, Move Freely One of the best things about a Grady-White center […]

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Grady-White Canyon 336 Center Console

Reasons to Consider Buying a Grady-White Boat

When you buy a Grady-White, you’ll be matched with a boat that’s not only perfect for fishing but also for relaxing and cruising with the family. This versatility is only one of the many reasons to consider buying as these boats are known for being the best in their class when it comes to quality, […]

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three men on the Grady-White Canyon 336

Why Grady-White Boats Are Great for Saltwater Fishing

Grady-White Boats has a reputation for manufacturing boats that are ideal for saltwater fishing. Their outstanding functionality, design, and safety features make it easier for anglers to cruise across the ocean with a reel. These features combined with comfort and luxury make the brand one of the most successful in the world. Fishing Features in […]

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Grady-White Canyon 456

How Are Grady-White Boats Made?

Grady White Boats is a top boat manufacturer known for building excellent boats. They produce a variety of fishing boats believed to be unsinkable. Their boats include innovative, handmade designs that make them extravagant and a top performer in the United States. Here, we briefly outline the unique process that goes into making these phenomenal […]

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grady white boat

Are Grady White Boats Unsinkable?

Grady White is one of the top boat manufacturers in the country – and for good reasons. They’re often known for their exceptional attention-to-detail, innovative designs, and award-winning performance. Here at Fish Tale Boats, we’ve been selling Grady boats for 2+ decades. We’ve also been awarded their Admiral’s Circle Award for excellence in sales and […]

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Photo of the article5 Reasons To Buy A Grady-White Boat

5 Reasons To Buy A Grady-White Boat

Established in 1959, Grady White has more than half a century of experience building boats, making the company widely known as one of the most successful in the industry with a reputation for creating excellent fiberglass boats. Their saltwater fishing boats have outstanding features, materials, and other key factors that make the models stand out […]

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