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We had a chance to take an early look at Chaparral’s newest offering… with a Yamaha Outboard! Have you been shopping around for a bow rider or deckboat for day-trips and lunch cruising, but want it in an outboard? Maybe the boats you’ve seen out there just didn’t fit your criteria or you were looking for a high-end, well-built brand. Well, we’ve been closely following the progress of Chaparral’s outboard deckboat and its probably coming soon! We’re told that the first model, the Chaparral 25, will debut later this year.

At this time it’s pretty “hush-hush” to the public, but we’re starting to get the word out as we quickly approach the release date. Earlier in June, we had a chance to look at the plans and partially completed deck layouts. It’s an impressive boat with careful thought into engine and seating layouts and we think they hit the mark!

In the Southwest Florida market, we know this will be an absolute killer boat! We’ve seen the Hurricane sundeck 2400 and NauticStar 243 DC Sportdeck frequently in our waterways and look forward to Chaparral’s high-end offering in the outboard deckboat category. The last time Chaparral has produced an outboard deckboat was during the 1996 model year! Nearly 20 years later… we’re eager to see these boats on the water!