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Chaparral and Sea Ray are two popular manufacturers of fiberglass sport boats/sport yachts. With similar styles, the 2 brands are often compared.

If you’re in the market for a new Chaparral boat or Sea Ray boat, you’re probably doing some research about which boat is better. Of course, there are a lot of factors involved in a decision like buying a boat. But here, we’re going to dive into the following details about each boat:

  • Model lineup/selection
  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Boatability in SWFL

Scroll down to the bottom of the post for a handy table that will give you a summary of each point.

Chaparral vs. Sea Ray: Model Lineup and Selection

Both Chaparral and Sea Ray offer a diverse model lineup. Each lineup is manufactured to give boaters options depending on how they spend their time on the water.

Chaparral Model Series

  • SSi – sport boats
  • SSi-OB – outboard sport boats
  • SSX – luxury sport boats
  • OSX – outboard luxury boats
  • Surf Series – wake-surf boats

Sea Ray Model Series

  • Sundancer Series
  • SLX Series
  • SDX Series
  • SPX Series

The main difference in the model lineup is that Sea Ray goes a bit smaller in length, with boats starting at 19’. Chaparral models begin at 21’.

In terms of model lineup and selection, Chaparral has a bit more to offer in its model lineup. However, Sea Ray offers a few more outboard options.

Chaparral vs. Sea Ray: Price

When it comes to finding the right boat, you not only want to look at the sticker price but also consider what you are getting for the price you are paying! A huge upside to buying a Chaparral Boat is that you’ll be getting a unique, handcrafted boat at a similar price point as a mass-produced brand. That’s because Chaparral only makes 2,000 boats per year, and puts particular focus on the quality of each and every product. For comparison, Sea Ray makes 10,000 boats a year.

While price points on Chaparral and Sea Ray are likely to be similar, due to today’s market volatility, it’s difficult to directly compare pricing among boat brands. Each boat manufacturer is dealing with its own set of supply chain challenges, which can have unexpected effects on boat pricing.

Chaparral vs. Sea Ray: Warranty

Both Chaparral and Sea Ray offer warranties on all new boat purchases.

All new Chaparral models come with a Lifetime Limited Hull Warranty and a 5-year Premier Level limited component warranty.

All new Sea Ray models come with a 3-year factory warranty. The program provides 3 years of enhanced coverage on every new sport cruiser.

chaparral vs sea ray graph

Chaparral vs. Sea Ray: Which is Best for Coastal Waters?

If you’re planning on keeping your boat in the Southwest Florida area or mainly sticking to coastal waters, there are a few clear upsides to buying a Chaparral boat. For one, Chaparral builds its boats with harsh saltwater conditions and coastal boating in mind. Chaparral’s Yamaha OB engines are better suited for coastal waters than Sea Ray’s Mercury engines.

Secondly, some of the larger boats offered by Sea Ray, like their large yachts, may be more geared to saltwater boating but they aren’t going to function well in the narrow and meandering waterways that make Southwest Florida boating so unique and enjoyable.  On the other hand, the size of Chaparral’s boats is perfect for Southwest Florida waterways and the build of each boat is made to withstand tough saltwater conditions. For example, every detail, from the hardware quality and trim materials – to the patented v-plane hull shape and wiring, is made specifically to withstand even the harshest saltwater environments. The Chaparral boats are quicker to plane & easily navigable in various sea conditions. Chaparral is also a dryer ride, due to the unique hull design there is less sea spray.

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