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We are excited to partner with two of the best brands for boat and engine manufacturing: Grady-White Boats and Yamaha Outboards. Since we have included Yamaha Outboard Motors as part of our product offerings and have certified Yamaha technicians on staff, it has been a great added benefit to clients that we can not only find you the perfect boat for you, but Power matched with the most reliable outboard motor!

Yamaha Outboards – The 425 Extreme Offshore

One of the most powerful motors in the Yamaha Outboard line is the XF425 XTO Extreme Offshore. The V8 engine is the result of years of collaboration with top boat designers and has been built to provide ultimate power and efficiency offshore. Its impressive features include the highest compression ratio on the water, an electrical steering system, and engineering touches such as iridium spark plugs and quad thermostats. Its purpose is built for extreme power, durability, control, and reliability.

Due to the extreme power and new technology that this outboard provides, not every boat is built to handle it. Other brands will adjust their new products as they manufacture them to change with the new technology, but it can take up to 2 or 3 years for them to catch up.

With Grady-White boats, they are already built to handle these new motors. Grady-White’s Canyon 336, Canyon 376, Canyon 456, Express 330, Express 370 , Freedom 335 , and Freedom 375  are all the perfect package for the Yamaha XF425 XTO Extreme Offshore Outboard.

More About Grady-White

In addition to being a Yamaha Outboard dealer, Fish Tale Boats is also Southwest Florida’s premier Grady-White boat dealer. We’ve carried Grady White boats for sale for decades. Grady-White boats are known for offshore fishing, and all their models are carefully crafted to be safe, reliable, and with functionality in mind. We carry several new and used Grady-White boats, with some of the most popular options to pair with the XF425 XTO offshore motor are:

456 Center Console

Re-imagine the luxury sportfishing yacht. Grady-White’s new flagship, the Canyon 456 center console, is incredibly spacious, technically sophisticated, and more richly appointed than any other outboard sportfishing boat. The 456 Grady is crafted with exceptional attention to detail and is superbly engineered for an entirely new level of elegance. It has by far the widest beam in the category and is also the largest unsinkable boat of its kind.

376 Center Console

The Canyon 376 center console is a 37-foot fiberglass saltwater sport fishing boat, a masterpiece in its category. The exceptional detail shines in boat ergonomics, boat function, fit and finish, and in boat performance. The cabin console boasts a higher level of detailed comfort.

336 Center Console

The Canyon 336 is a 33-foot center console boat with innovative helm eating, a huge cockpit, and a big console with berth. Attention to detail makes it a highly functional and desirable saltwater sport fishing machine.

375 Freedom Dual Console

One of our most popular boats, the Freedom 375 is known as the “ultimate transformer.” The 37-foot dual console is a superb offshore fishing boat and a wonderful cruise boat, with plenty of room for a crowd so it’s perfect for socializing.

Buy from a Fort Myers Grady-White Boat Dealer

If you’re ready to experience the Grady-White lifestyle and learn about the seamless combination of a Yamaha Outboard motor with a Grady-White boat, contact Fish Tale Boats to learn more!

Our experienced sales staff, Yamaha certified technicians, and highly skilled service staff are on-site to help you and answer any questions you may have. Stop by to one of our locations of call us at (239) 463-4448 to learn more.