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Grady-White Boats has a reputation for manufacturing boats that are ideal for saltwater fishing. Their outstanding functionality, design, and safety features make it easier for anglers to cruise across the ocean with a reel. These features combined with comfort and luxury make the brand one of the most successful in the world.

Fishing Features in Grady-White Boats

Let’s take a look at the various Grady-White boat features that favor fishermen.

*These features change depending on the model so make sure to double-check with the dealer before you purchase a boat.*

  • The helm is spacious and allows for more mobility. Some models include a seat that folds up to become an extra-wide leaning post seat. Other models, like the Fisherman 236 and 251 CE, come with an option of having a forward live well under the seat.
  • For better visibility and protection, there is a wrap-around windshield and the helm is raised so you can see over the deck.
  • There is plenty of storage for rods with rod holders on the back of the helm seat with is extra storage underneath the gunnel on each side of the boat as well. If you need more rod holders, these can be added before the boat is delivered.
  • Models like the Fisherman line have a spot for your fillet knife and your pliers on the back of the helm seat and below it, there is a tackle station with plenty of space.
  • There is a transom seat that bends down to allow for better mobility when fishing. You can pull it up at any time once you are ready to relax.
  • The transom door makes it easier to bring in any big fish. There is also a transom fish box and a live well. The live well is equipped with Grady’s unique plenum that distributes water up and down the entire live well and keeps the bait alive all day long. There is a freshwater shower on the transom as well for bait prep.
  • A lot of models come with safety features like toe rails and gunnel bolsters.
  • On the deck area, the seats can be lifted for extra storage. Moreover, these drain overboard and not to the bilge.
  • Grady-White boats are known to be unsinkable. We cover all the specifics in our blog Are Grady-White Boats Unsinkable?
  • If added to the boat, hardtops can offer plenty of shade so that you can spend long hours fishing at sea.

Check out these pictures of the Grady-White Canyon 336. Virtual tour is now available on the Grady-White official website!

Grady-White Boats Partnership with Yamaha

Grady-White powers their boats with Yamaha outboard technology since they offer superior performance and consistent quality. Yamaha’s command length gauge and joystick steering, which includes set points and drift points setting, makes your fishing experience incredibly easy, even on rough waters. Not to mention, it also has a very smooth electronic throttle and shift.

Last year, Yamaha announced the New Helm Master EX. It is the next level of integrated boat control and it is fully compatible with Grady-White Boats. This adds full maneuverability, less maintenance, more joystick control, and many other benefits that make the boating and fishing experience better.

Captain Grady App

On top of the many features, Grady-White offers support with the Captain Grady App. Here you can find more information on how the different boat models work from model year 2014 and newer. It is an operational guide with video, instructions, and detailed images that make it easier for you to understand how to maneuver Grady-White boats no matter your level of skill or experience.

Ready to Get a Grady-White Fishing Boat?

Grady-White boats are equipped to make the best out of your fishing experience. They provide you with comfort and most importantly with functionality. They are also believed to be almost unsinkable.

At Fish Tale, we have been carrying Grady-White boats for years. Our team is knowledgeable about the different models and can help you find the right one for you.

Browse our Grady-White inventory today or contact us to learn more about the models we have available.