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Trying to make the decision between purchasing a Grady White boat or a Boston Whaler? There is no denying that both of these boats are top of their class, however, there are a few facts you should know before making a decision about which boat to buy:

Engines and Performance

When it comes to outboard-powered boats, Grady White and Boston Whaler are two top contenders. Grady White boats are known for their rugged construction and superior seaworthiness, thanks in part to the Sea V2 hull design. This deep-V hull provides a smooth, stable ride in choppy conditions, with a sharp entry at the bow that helps to slice through waves. In contrast, Boston Whaler boats feature a modified deep-V hull called the “Unibond” hull, which offers a stable, dry ride but may have a rougher ride in very rough seas compared to a traditional deep-V hull. Both brands’ highest performance engines can reach 60+mph, including Grady White’s Yamaha outboards and Boston Whaler’s Mercury Marine outboards. However, Yamaha offers the most fuel-efficient and cleanest four-stroke outboards on the market.

Unsinkable Boats

You may have heard Boston Whaler boats referred to as “unsinkable” or even seen a video of Boston Whaler sawing parts off their boat and proudly showing that it still floats. However, all Grady White Boats have basic foam flotation, making them unsinkable, as well. Looks like it’s a tie on this one!

Top Quality vs. Customizable Quality

With all Grady White boats, luxury comes standard. You know you’ll be getting high-quality materials regardless of the boat you select. For example, every boat comes with high-quality 316-grade stainless steel. They strive for craftsman-like exceptional attention to detail. On the other hand, Boston Whaler’s quality is largely upgradeable and selection-dependent. While you can get a high-quality Boston Whaler build, you’ll need to have a keen eye for making selections, rather than just trusting the best quality parts come standard.

Personal Preference

Ultimately, the best way to determine whether Grady White boats or Boston Whaler boats are the best choice for you is by seeing the options for yourself. When you step onboard a boat, you can get a great feel as to whether it will fulfill your personal needs. You can take a look at a variety of new and used Grady-White boat models at the Fish Tale dealership. Our boat dealers can show you around the features, point out the amenities, and explain the engineering behind our Grady-White boat selection so you feel confident in your purchase.