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As a Grady-White boat owner, life can’t get much better— or can it? These hot upgrades for your Grady-White boat will make your best boating life even better!


Grady-White boats hold up well in rough waters with their revolutionary SeaV²® hull design and durable craftsmanship, but tackling large waves is made even easier with autopilot. Autopilot can minimize heading error and rudder movement, so you stay comfortable and on course, regardless of what the ocean throws your way. Garmin offers a comprehensive autopilot guide to help you find which option is best for you and your boat or call us we can help find the right one for your boat!

Free-Fall Windlass

Make anchoring a dream in your Grady White by investing in a great windlass! A free-fall windlass will allow you to weigh anchor with the press of a button and offers speed and precision while saving you time. Freefall windlasses drop up to 4 times faster than power-down anchors and make it easy to anchor quickly, without any drifting.

SureShade Sun Protection

SureShade is another great upgrade to make to your Grady-White Boat. According to their website, “SureShade delivers improved sun protection and on-board comfort with manual and automated boat shade systems.”

SureShade’s product gives you the added flexibility of additional shade protection. While Grady-White offers SureShade as a factory-installed option or standard feature on some models, if your Grady-White did not come outfitted with SureShade sun protection, now might be the time to consider it!

Grady-White Upgrades & Service in Fort Myers

If you’d like help buying, installing, or just learning more about the upgrades available for your boat, drop on by Fish Tale Boats!  Our team is factory authorized to perform all service work on Grady-White Boats, including upgrades.

Our 14,000-square-foot sales and service center in Fort Myers can accommodate boats as long as 42 feet for servicing and upgrade installations! Stop on in and let us know how we can help you! We’re open Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm.