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Fort Myers’ newest park is now open to visitors! Legacy Island Park is the latest boating hotspot in southwest Florida— and with good reason! This park is just under two acres but don’t let its small size fool you. It offers everything a Southwest Florida boater could want!

Location and overview

While Legacy Island used to be a mess of overgrown trees and shrubs next to the Edison Bridge, the city’s work to shore up the island has transformed the landscape. Legacy Island Park offers gorgeous and varied panoramic views of Ft. Myers, the Caloosahatchee River, and the island itself. Legacy Island Park runs between the River District and North Fort Myers and is only accessible by water.

Visitor facilities

By the time it’s complete, Legacy Island Park is expected to feature a variety of boat ramps and docks, rental services for paddling equipment, two gazebos, walking trails, and a picnic area. The picnic area will have tables and grills, making it an ideal boating destination for boaters coming from Ft. Myers and beyond to take a break and enjoy lunch.

Recreational activities

Hiking, boating, picnicking, and paddling will undoubtedly be some of the most popular activities at this new boating destination. With the addition of a rental shack in the future, paddleboarding and kayaking are sure to take off. However, Legacy Island Park is also going to be a great place to just take out the boat purely for the adventure of it.

Nearby attractions

Since Legacy Island Park is so close to Ft Myers, it’s a wonderful place to stop on a boating trip in the Ft. Myers area. After checking out the island, head to shore to check out all Ft. Myers has to offer! Alternatively, Legacy Island Park is a short boat ride from Sanibel Island and the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge. This would be a great next stop for wildlife viewing or to check out the shell-strewn beaches along Sanibel’s shores.

Local community impact

Legacy Island has been known under many names, including Clint Island and Rat Island. However, no matter what you’ve known it as— until now, it’s hardly been a tourist destination. The city acquired the property in the 1930s but over the years it remained unused and overgrown. Now, the city is bringing new life to the area. The construction of the park will not only bring a tourism boost to the area, but it will also serve as an important community hub for residents of Ft. Myers. Tourist or local, having the park means more access to recreational activities for everyone in the Ft. Myers area!

Share your Legacy Island Park Experience

The staff at Fish Tales are already making plans to visit the island and experience firsthand all it has to offer! We’ll be sharing our photos and experiences on our social media accounts— and would love for you to share your own with us as well! Let us know your favorite spots on the island, where you plan to explore next, and what ways you’d like to see the island develop in the future. If you haven’t made your way out yet and are looking for firsthand knowledge of what it’s like and the best boating routes for the area, make sure to follow us on Facebook to see what our staff and others are saying!