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The Engine MastersTimBrewerJacobBreen

You’d be hard-pressed to find a Yamaha engine master technician at most boat dealers in the U.S. That’s because there are only about 250 such certified experts in the entire U.S.

At Fish Tale Boats, there are two Yamaha engine master technicians: Jacob Breen and Tim Brewer. “We’re the tip of the spear,” says Brewer.

It takes six years to achieve master technician with Yamaha’s marine engines, a coveted title that indicates you’re the best in the nation. When you bring your boat in for service at Fish Tale, you’ll know that the best technicians in the country are working on your engine.

Breen, Brewer and a team of highly skilled technicians carefully and methodically inspect each engine armed with a three-page checklist. They always ask themselves: “What would you do if it was your boat?”

That’s important because the warm saltwater in Southwest Florida can quickly wreck the newest engine. After all, you don’t want to be stranded 40 miles out in the Gulf because of preventable corrosion that lesser technicians might have missed.

With oversight from Breen and Brewer, Fish Tale’s technicians dig down deep to inspect every inch of an engine. “We’ve held technicians by their feet to get to where we needed to,” chuckles Breen.

Breen and Brewer like to train young mechanics who are eager to learn rather than hire more experienced technicians who haven’t been trained properly. “It’s hard to break bad habits,” Breen says.

But Breen and Brewer also have to keep training hard to maintain their certification by earning their recertification every two years. “We push each other to be better technicians,” Brewer says.