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Whether you are looking for a center console with luxurious cabin space or just a great fishing boat with unbeatable performance, Grady-White boats are the best fit for you. Here are a few of the advantages of buying a center console boat.

See Clearly, Move Freely

One of the best things about a Grady-White center console boat is, as the name states, the center console! Having the helm at the center of your boat ensures nothing will block your view or get in your way. As you reel in that record-setting fish, you’ll be able to freely move, from bow to stern along both sides of the boat. The extra space in these boats also means you won’t get in the way of friends and family as they cast.

Plentiful Cabin Space

Grady-White’s luxury center console boats come with cabin space below the helm and about all the main necessities included, even a porta-pottie! Larger options include a sink, storage, and sleeping area. The Canyon 456 can sleep two with a large berth that exudes comfort and luxury!

Versatile and Safe

Grady-White boats aren’t just a great choice for offshore and freshwater fishing, they are a safe and fun choice for taking the whole family out for a day of cruising and watersports. The center console design allows for all-around seating which distributes weight and keeps the boat balanced for ease of handling. These have the speed and agility of a smaller boat with the luxury of a more spacious frame, so you feel comfortable when you are cruising or picking up extra speed for water sports!

Join the Grady Life

Grady-White boats are built to last and to provide you with the utmost comfort when fishing or cruising. Don’t hesitate to get started on your Grady Life and browse Fish Tale’s Grady-White boats for sale. You can view our inventory online or contact us to get more information.

We were recently recognized with the prestigious Grady-White’s Admiral’s Circle Award for model year 2021, so you can rest easy. You will be in good hands!