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Cleaning your boat is about more than your boat looking great. Regular cleanings prevent issues that require you to bring your vessel into the boat dealer and can improve the overall resale value of your boat. Here are a few tips to keep your boat clean and in tip-top condition:


Be Picky About Your Cleaning Solutions

The type of cleaning solution you use to clean your boat is incredibly important— don’t just grab a random cleaner off the shelf! For starters, you’ll want to choose a marine cleaner that’s effective but environmentally friendly. While you want to wipe your boat clean of fish blood, you don’t want to wipe the waters free of healthy fish. It’s also important to make sure your cleaners are diluted properly; super concentrated detergents may skip the finish off your boat if used regularly.


 Buy The Right Equipment for the Job

Next, you want to buy the proper tools for the job. The rags you use to wipe up oil on your garage floor aren’t the rags you want to be using on your boat. Microfiber cloths work well at cleaning and removing stains. Cleaning brushes should be sturdy but safe against the specific composition and finish of your boat. Medium soft bristles work great on most boats! Shurhold makes a great brush/stick combo that is soft for Gel-Coat. If you have questions about the best cleaning equipment to use without damaging your boat’s finish, give your local boat dealer, Fish Tale Boats, a call for some quick tips on what cleaning equipment to buy for your specific boat.


Wipe Down Interiors with A Wet Rag

Once you’ve got the exterior of your boat sparkling clean, it’s time to work on some interior boat detailing! A soft wet microfiber cloth will remove most of the grime and salt that’s built up in your boat’s interior. However, after a quick wipe down, you’ll also want to spray a bit of Spray Ceramic Wax on your vinyl upholstery to lengthen its lifespan. We sell a Spray Wax here at Fish Tale Boats, called Hydroserum, that works well on interior and exterior surfaces.


Lessen Time Cleaning with Nanocoating

While you can’t completely avoid the necessity of cleaning your boat regularly— you can reduce the time you spend doing so. Your local boat dealer, Fish Tale Boats, offers Ceramtek Nanocoating for ultimate high gloss protection. After a coat of Premier Polishing’s Ceramtek, your boat will have a glass like finish that repels salt water and sun damage. It also makes wash downs much easier!


Invest in Professional Boat Detailing

Fish Tale Boats is more than just a boat dealer. Fish Tale is your one stop shop for boat buying, servicing, repairing— and detailing! If the thought of cleaning your boat from top to bottom fills you with dread, just bring it in to Fish Tale instead. The team of trained boat detailing professionals at Fish Tale can give your vessel a professional clean up and provide other fantastic services like Hydroserum and Ceramtek Nanocoating application. Schedule your boat detailing today by calling 239-309-2438.