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Whether you buy a new boat or want to upgrade your existing boat, certified and trained technicians from Fish Tale Boats can install the latest electronic gadgets & equipment that will increase the fun and safety of your time on the water. Consider these three of the best wonders of technology available today:

  • Garmin VIRB CameraGarmin VIRB Camera. Now you can prove to your friends you caught that big one! Fish Tale Boats can install this camera on your boat’s hard top so you can capture all the action on your vessel. Compact, lightweight and waterproof, the camera integrates easily with your Garmin screen. That allows you to control the camera remotely so you can capture special moments with crisp and steady footage. For more information, visit.
  • ACR GlobalFix iPro GPS EPIRB. Every boat should be equipped with an EPIRB, which stands for Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon. This is a distress beacon used by boaters worldwide to alert search-and-rescue forces like the U.S. Coast Guard that you have an emergency on your vessel. EPIRBs transmit a distress signal that contains a unique 15-digit identification number that tells rescuers who the beacon belongs to and additional emergency contact information. More than 40,000 lives have been saved since 1982 thanks to the beacon. For more information, visit.
  • Airmar B175H-WAirmar B175H-W (Garmin or Simrad). Want to catch more fish? This sonar, also known as a CHIRP (Compressed High-Intensity Radar Pulse), helps boaters and fishermen scan the bottom for ridges, rocks, depth, and fish. Like a wide-angle lens on a camera, this high-frequency transducer provides better detail and enhanced fish detection in the shallow waters of Southwest Florida. For more information visit.