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Established in 1959, Grady White has more than half a century of experience building boats, making the company widely known as one of the most successful in the industry with a reputation for creating excellent fiberglass boats.

Their saltwater fishing boats have outstanding features, materials, and other key factors that make the models stand out when it comes to design, functionality, safety, and duration.

If you are ever hesitant to buy a Grady-White boat, here are 5 reasons you should buy a Grady-White boat.

1: Exceptional Design for Every Boating Need

As a boat manufacturer, Grady-White takes into consideration customers’ feedback and integrates them within their models to give their boats the functionality that customers desire.

Their designs are also flexible to fit all your boating needs, whether it is to fish in the morning alone or take the family out to watch the sunset.

An example is the Grady-White Freedom 215. This dual-console boat has all the features to accommodate your lifestyle. It has several rod holders, tackle storage, two swim platforms, tow pylon, Livewell, and seating for family and friends.

Regardless of the model or style of boating, you can be sure Grady-White Boats will be both elegant and durable, giving you the best of both worlds.

2: Manufacturing Excellence

On top of an impressive design, Grady-White boasts a well-crafted boat that will ensure top quality and safety.

Grady-White is dedicated to bringing you the best quality you can get. From using better hardware and superior laminates to implementing unsinkable foam flotation, Grady-White takes pride in their work as do their employees who work together to bring you the best. The result? An elegant boat with safety features and higher quality not easily matched by other brands. If there is something that Grady-White never does is compromise product quality

Some of their safety features include built-in handles to help you safely move around the boat and s self-bailing deck designs to help guide water with gravity instead of pumps.

3: Unbeatable Performance

Not only are the Grady-White boats known for their design and integrity but for their performance as well. It is guaranteed it will give you a stable, soft ride through the water.

The Grady-White SeaV2 hull performance has ranked #1 in several studies done by J.D Power and Associates Marine Studies. The deeper vee forward will give you a softer ride without affecting fuel efficiency.

4: Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

With Grady-White’s exceptional design, impressive crafting, and incomparable performance, it is very likely that you will be highly satisfied with your boat – and there’s evidence to prove it! Grady-White has received 17 consecutive awards in customer satisfaction from the National Marine Manufacturers Association. This should be the first reason to buy.

Customer Satisfaction is the core DNA of GW boats. They spend a lot of resources and effort to make sure customers are satisfied with their boats.

5: Keep the Fun Going by Joining a Grady Club

Grady-White owners like to come together and interact to share their Grady Life. This includes day trips, seminars, tournaments, and other adventures that will help you meet others with the same interests.

Fish Tale Boats is a premier Grady White boat dealer in Fort Myers and we have our very own club for Grady-White owners: the Fish Tale Grady Club.

With over 50 members and counting, we’re excited to bring together fellow Grady-White enthusiasts to hold luncheons, boat show trips, and more. Stay tuned for more information about our new Grady Club website coming soon.

Ready to Buy a Grady-White Boat?

Fish Tale Boats offers a wide variety of used and new Grady-White boats for sale at our Fort Myers location. We offer both new and used Grady White boats and we’re honored to have been awarded the Grady-White Admiral’s Circle Award for several years in a row.

Our sales team is experienced and can help you with any information you might need about Grady-White boats. Check out our Grady-White inventory and contact our team today to get you one step close to joining the Grady Life.

There are also virtual tours available on the Grady White website for Canyon 326 and Canyon 336 under the “Virtual Tour” tab.