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Looking for a boat you can take out on the water and relax, without worrying about what maintenance will be needed later? Pontoon boats are a great option and here we discuss why.

What Makes a Pontoon Boat Low Maintenance?

Pontoon boats have a few key characteristics that make them inherently lower maintenance than other boats on the market. They are a lot less delicate, and they are not going to rust as easily.

Most pontoon boats come with an aluminum hull which is non-corrosive and not susceptible to rusting. They don’t have the gel coat that many other fiberglass boats do, which often needs to be buffed out to remove oxidation.

And if you forget to trim up the engine when trailering (we don’t recommend doing it on purpose), pontoon boats have so much clearance that you’re far less likely to damage the outboard than you would with any other type of boat.

Does Low Maintenance Mean No Maintenance?

The obvious answer, no. While a pontoon boat is low maintenance, it still requires attention. Once you’ve decided on which of the pontoon boats for sale is the one, keep in mind that you’ll need to break in the motor first.

Your dealer will walk you through the steps of what RPM range you want to run the boat at and for how long to make sure the engine breaks in properly. This will keep your motor running smoothly for years to come so you don’t have to worry about engine damage in the future.

You’ll also want to bring your pontoon boat to the dealer for routine maintenance to change the oil, filter, and inspect the boat for any other needs (like new spark plugs, for example). On most boats, routine maintenance is done yearly or every 100 hours.

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