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When making such a big purchase, you’ll want to do your research and figure out which boat is best for your preferences and budget.

We’ve previously written about which of the boat brands we carry could be best for you, but if you’re just getting started on your boat shopping journey, you may want to take it another step back.

There are many different types of boats from fishing boats, to pontoon boats for sale, to jet boats – and they all have different functions and suit different needs. If you’re trying to decide what boat to start shopping for, look at this guide to some of our most popular types of boats to figure out what’s best for you.

Fishing Boats

Fishing boats, as the name suggests, are built for fishing. Qualities of fishing boats include stability, strength, and durability to survive the fishing ventures across both salt and fresh bodies of water.

All-purpose fishing boats generally include features like rod holders – Lots of them, rod lockers, Fix Boxes, outboard power, outriggers and live wells. Depending on if they are designed for, offshore fishing or lakes or rivers, they can vary greatly in size.

Grady-White is a top manufacturer known for its high-quality fiberglass fishing boats. Check out our selection of fishing boats here.

Deck Boats

Deck boats are a popular choice for recreational activities like swimming and water sports. They are designed with an open deck area that provides plenty of seating arrangements for a small group of people. They usually measure around 25-35 ft in length and feature a V shape hull with a wide beam and are provided with a stern power drive.

View our selection of deck boats here, including a popular model, the Chaparral Suncoast.

Pontoon Boats

Pontoon boats are popular for recreational activities like fishing and cruising on inland waters and other small water bodies due to the large amount of seating. They are flat in shape and rely on tubes (pontoons) to float on the water, which provide excellent stability. Typical pontoons range from 15 to 30 feet with a shallow draft. They are generally suited for more seating and plush interiors great for entertaining on the water.

At Fish Tale Boats, we carry pontoon boats for sale from the manufacturer Premier Pontoons.

Center Console Boats

Center consoles are a type of fishing boat that features a hull with no cabin or foredeck, with the helm station in the center of the boat. They are ideal for sport fishing and work in harsh offshore waterways where there is plenty of ocean fish. Some essential features are bait wells, gunwale rod holders, fish lockers and outriggers.

Robalo is a popular manufacturer of center console boats. View our Robalo boats for sale here.

Jet Boats

Jet boats are known for high speed. They are powered by a jet of water ejected from behind the vessel, and usually features a seating area along with a swimming platform. They have earned a reputation for thrilling, high-performance rides. Also they are known for watersports such as kneeboarding, surfing, wakeboarding and Skiiing.

Check out Fish Tale’s selection of jet boats here, including the popular Chaparral Vortex boats.

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It’s important to do your own research when purchasing a boat, but our expert sales team at Fish Tale Boats can help you make the ultimate decision to find the right boat for you.

We have a large selection of boats to fit the needs of anyone – whether your priority is offshore fishing or a day of family fun on the water. If you’re ready to take the next step and start shopping for your dream boat, contact us today or stop into one of our locations. Call us at (239) 463-4448 for more information.