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Due to Covid-19, boating has become one of the most popular activities in the last few months. It allows for safe social distancing and overall fun experience for families.

If you have a family of 4-5 or a group of friends you want to take out for a day of boating, you may want to consider a pontoon boat. Pontoon boats are great for larger groups, allowing everyone to do a little of everything. From fishing to lounging, pontoon boats make for a fun day out.

There is a wide variety of brands to choose from when you browse pontoon boats for sale, however, we highly recommend investing in a Premier Pontoon boat. It is a luxury brand that provides you with upgraded features taking comfort to a new level.

Why Premier Pontoons?

Compared to other pontoon brands, Premier Pontoon is leading in innovation and quality craftsmanship, and here is why:

  • The combination of a hull shaped center tube, lifting strakes, planning surfaces, and performance sheeting make the boat faster, with sharper turns and more efficient engine horsepower use.
  • They have more than plenty of storage space in the floor for wakeboard, life jackets, skis. You can keep your drinks cool and save space with the PTX Vertical Lift Cooler that is designed for this space.
  • They include the Ricochet Ladder System, a self-retracting ladder. Winner of the deck equipment innovation award in the 2016 Miami International Boat Show.
  • Accent lighting complements the look and functionality to help you and your guests with mobility when during the night.

Different Premier Pontoon Boats & Models

There are many other reasons why Premier Pontoons should be your first option, but like other boat manufacturers, they offer a great selection of boats. So, which one should you buy?

Here is a quick guide to all the categories and models so you can choose one that best matches your boating needs.

It’s also worth noting that some models come in 10’ Wide or 8’6” versions. The wider deck layouts provide extra area for entertaining, wider couches, and ride improvements.

Executive Series

  • Escalante: It includes an upper deck with steps to walk up and a waterslide if you decide to jump in the water. It also has a changing room, so you don’t have to wait till you get home to change.
  • Accolade: Premier Pontoons calls this the “entertainment oasis.” It has a bar equipped with coolers towards the end of the boat to give your guests refreshments and cocktails while they cruise.
  • Grand Entertainer: Like the Accolade, this model has a bar at the end but is a little bit smaller with more room to step around.
  • Grand View: This boat is equipped to give you a great view of its raised deck for better visibility.

Elite Cruise

  • Boundary Waters: With a full circular booth table, this model makes conversation easy for everyone.
  • Intrigue: This boat comes with full seating arrangements at the very front, so you don’t miss the view and a small table in case you decide to have a snack.
  • Grand Majestic: It is perfect for lounge with plenty of front seating and a small table in the back. This design is available with either a couch or a rear lounge.

Sport Series

  • S-Series: Offering conforms and speeds in one boat. This pontoon is a good fit for those who prefer to race a little on the water.

Cruise Series

  • Solaris: Made for families who appreciate simplicity and mobility around the boat.
  • Sunsation: This model incorporates group gatherings with a lounge area is in the front to enjoy the view and a small table on the back.
  • Sunspree: With the starboard entrance you can jump in the water anytime.


  • Atlante: Relax and fish with this boat. It is a great combination of comfort with fishing features.
  • Gemini: Accommodates the whole family with fishing enthusiastic in the back and a lounge area for those who just want to cruise
  • Horizon: This is the smaller model of this category, with fishing features and lounge area this, this boat is both affordable and high quality.


  • Castaway: This model offers complete fishing functionality with innovative features that make both cruising and fishing comfortable.
  • Explorer: Like the Castaway, this is boat focuses on fishing functionalities with a smaller lounge area.

Where to Buy Premier Pontoons

Now that you know the different categories and the models under each, you should be able to find a Premier Pontoon boat that best fits your boating style.

Fish Tale Boats is one of only two Premier Pontoon dealers in Florida. You can view our pontoon boats for sale on our website here or come visit us at our Fort Myers location so you can get a better view of the pontoons we have in stock.