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Ready for a repower? Here’s what you need to know about boat repowers before you tackle this project:

What Does It Mean to Repower Your Boat?

Repowering your boat is the process of rebuilding your boat’s engine or buying a new one. Repowering your boat may also mean adding horsepower or opting for a different-sized engine that better fits your needs.

Why Would I Repower My Boat?

Even the best boat engines aren’t built to last forever! The process of boat repowers saves boat owners the high cost of completely replacing a boat and buying a new one. It can also save you money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs to a failing or older engine.

How Often Should I Repower My Boat?

Yamaha has seen some motors make it 6,000+ Hours, so there is no general idea of when to repower. The most important factor is how well the engine has been maintained. If you perform regular maintenance on your boat, you may be able to double the time your engine runs. This means changing your oil, replacing fuel filters, water pumps, and having maintenance performed at key intervals provided by the engine manufacturer.

What Engine Should I Use for My Boat’s Repower?

The new engine you choose for your boat’s repower depends on your specific needs and the specs of your boat. For instance, the weight of your boat and the waters you use it in will affect your decision. Additionally, you may have engine upgrades you would like to make if your current engine doesn’t provide as much horsepower as you’d like. Lastly, you’ll also want to make sure you are searching for an engine that is compatible with your boat’s hull and propulsion system. Most manufacturers provide a maximum horsepower rating for a boat’s transom strength.

Can Boat Repowers be a DIY Project?

Unless you are well-versed in engine repairs and replacements, a boat repower is not a good DIY project. This process can be complicated because it may involve modifying the engine compartment, replacing the propeller, installing new engine mount holes, and correctly reconnecting or even replacing all electrical wiring, gauges, shift cables, and fuel lines. This is especially true if you’re dealing with a newer engine technologically, which may not be compatible with the existing components. Instead, give Fish Tale Boats a call. The experts at Fish Tale Boats can remove your current engine, suggest replacement engines based on your specific needs, compile a list of parts required to install your new engine and test that it is working properly.