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Robalo has just released the newest addition to their popular Cayman Bay Boat Series, the 246 (24′ Bay Boat). What’s excites us most about the 246 Cayman? Well, just to name a few things: The wide 9′ Beam with excess hull flare, sleek styling, comfortable seating and the impressive agile ride due to the Extended V-Plane Hull!

Like many of the boats we sell, the Robalo 246 Cayman has one of the widest beams in class, but that’s not typically the case. With wider beams comes more fiberglass and inevitably higher costs for production. Now the benefits of beam can be easily seen- More room, better ride and more stability due to the footprint being portioned more throughout the water. The Everglades 243, Pathfinder 2400 and Yellowfin 24 all have narrower beams on their Bay Boats. It’s hard to imagine how important those extra 6″ are for beam, but you’re talking 5-10% more space depending on how you look at it. Hull flare plays a lot of role in this too as with a wider boat you are able to flare the hull more and this clearly helps keep everyone on the boat dry, plus it makes a very attractive look. The Cayman 246 has well thought out seating and the very popular aft seat that can often be the best knapping spot on the boat!!
At this time we haven’t received the boat and taken it for a ride, but we have been more than impressed by the ride on their 206 and 226 Cayman models! The 226 Cayman with Yamaha 250hp is especially impressive! That boat pushed 61mph in Estero Bay and didn’t lose grip around tight corners. With the extra length and beam plus another 50hp, we think the F300 pkg on the 246 Cayman will take the lead!

(The 2015 – Robalo 246 Cayman w/ F300 Yamaha will start at: $62,004 plus tax. **This includes a trailer, all dealer fees and Ready to Run Pkg!!)

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