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Chaparral Boats has been building high-quality, technologically advanced boats since 1965. Here’s how they’ve maintained their status as some of the best boat builders in the world since then:

 Unrivaled Attention to Detail

All Chaparral boats are completed by hand by their team of skilled craftsmen. Many of whom are second or third-generation boat builders. This means the boat you buy from Chaparral Boats is going to be built to perfection, thanks to some of the best in-house boatbuilding talent and engineering the industry has to offer.

Top-of-the-Line Technology

Chaparral doesn’t cut corners when it comes to technology. Onboard every boat you will have a great selection of Simrad marine electronics. Working with Simrad as their exclusive choice in marine electronics has allowed Chaparral to forge an unbeatable partnership that pairs the latest in boat-building technology with the most advanced onboard technology.

 Unmatched Luxury

High-end pleasure cruising is standard on every Chaparral boat. Each boat is more than stunning, it’s meticulously designed and gorgeously styled. Chaparral partnered with Nassimi to bring SiO Silicone Technology to every boat, with added durability and no chemical additives. It’s easy to clean, and maintain, and is by far the softest and most comfortable marine seating you’ll find on the market.

Incomparable Functionality

Every square inch of a Chaparral Boat is made with purpose. Each boat’s features make boating smoother, easier, more enjoyable, and more efficient. For example, take the extended v-plane hulls. These hulls extend the running surface of the boat beyond the drive unit, forcing the boat back on the plane quickly and efficiently. Then, reverse chines on the hull provide smooth and seamless performance, allowing you to hold even the tightest of corners. These are just a few of the outstanding features you’ll find on Chaparral Boats.

You can learn more about each Chaparral boat’s features at Fish Tale boats. Are knowledgeable sales staff can walk you through a variety of models, pointing out details, features, and unparalleled functionality components that you’re sure to love. Stop by our sales floors in Fort Myers or Naples to see for yourself.