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Purchasing a boat is a big decision and once you find that perfect one, you’ll need to be prepared to invest time and money to ensure longevity. We’ve carried boats for sale in Fort Myers and Naples, FL for several years and here are our top boat maintenance tips to keep your boat in top shape for as long as possible.

Check Your Oil

Just like cars, boats need to regularly have their oil changed. The frequency will vary by model, but a good rule of thumb is to change the oil every 100 hours of operation (or once a year). Unlike with cars, there’s no quick-change oil shop for boats. You can change your own oil using an oil extractor pump to remove the oil from the dipstick tube, an oil wrench, and the time and expertise it takes to change it and clean it up. To save yourself time and ensure the job is done accurately, you can also bring your boat to your local boat dealer’s service department and have a professional technician take care of the oil change.

Check the Engine & Propeller

Before an outing on your boat, it’s important to check the engine & boat propeller. Run through a checklist so that your engine is ready for the journey. Check for any signs of leaks, the fuel level, and the water coolant level.

As you start using the boat, check the oil pressure and the voltmeters to make sure everything is running as expected. Also, as part of your pre-launch routine, remove the propeller to make sure any discarded fishing line hasn’t been wrapped around the propeller shaft. Inspect it for nicks, dents, and any other signs of damaging. Even the smallest signs of impact can be indicative of your boat losing performance or burning excess fuel.

Maintain Your Battery in The Off Season

If your boat has batteries, the offseason is the time to make sure they are not just sitting there and are being maintained. When your boat isn’t getting taken out on the water, take the batteries out, thoroughly clean them, lubricate metal terminals and bolts, charge them and store them somewhere safe.

Watch for Corrosion and Mold

Be sure to dry off your boat to remove all excess moisture after use and wash your boat down with a mild solution to kill any mold spores. Be sure to look out for any signs of mold and be proactive in protecting against them. A light mixture of common white vinegar is usually strong enough to kill mold but not too harsh to damage any of your coatings. In addition, any metal parts on the boat can corrode. Check your boat’s metal components regularly for signs of corrosion and keep them protected and dry to protect damage. Any metal attachments that start to show signs of rust may need to be replaced.

Wash & Protect Your Boat

The most important, yet simplest, task to keep your boat in good shape is to wash your boat regularly after trips out on the water. At Fish Tale, we offer specialty boat detailing at boat washing at our Fort Myers location as well as mobile boat detailing.

For new & freshly resorted vehicles, we use the most advanced products to seal and protect the surfaces and material of your boat. We use Ceramtek, a marine grade 9h ceramic nanocoating that provides the ultimate protection from your boat against harsh elements and will have glass-like semi-permanent protective barrier that makes future washes easier. Additionally, we use Hydroserum – a water bourne aftercare product that creates a hydrophobic antistatic sub coasting that will extend the life of the Ceramtek coating.

Work with An Experienced Boat Dealer

Whatever work you need on your boat, it’s best to work with an experienced boat dealer that has expertise in boat maintenance and service. In Southwest Florida, Fish Tale Boats is your local boat dealer that has an extensive service department at their Fort Myers location. Our 40 skilled employees ensure quality workmanship including a two-story fully stocked parts department, two Yamaha master technicians on staff, a gel-coating facility, experts in plumbing systems, boat-trailer repair, and more.

If you are interested in any of any of our services in Southwest Florida, contact us today!