Maybe you need a small kicker motor. Or, sometimes it just makes sense to repower your boat! Fish Tale Boats is excited to offer a suite of Yamaha motors for all sizes of boats. We have been repowering boats in Southwest Florida for over 25 years!

Our certified Yamaha technicians can assess the current condition of your boat and our sales staff can assist you in the selection of a Yamaha Motor that works for your application. We can help guide you in your selection of gauges, props, and other accessories to go along with your custom repower.

Yamaha Repower

Fish Tale Boats can provide an estimate for repower, and work with you to figure out a repower plan on your boat. Contact our service department today to learn more about repowering your boat.

Yamaha Motors in Stock

Fish Tale Boats has many models of Yamaha Outboards in stock, so check with us if you don’t see what you need. The following models of Yamaha engines are in stock and ready to be sold/mounted to your boat to help extend the life of your existing boat.

In Stock Motors:

  • 3166M F2.5SMHB 2.5HP *Close-out Pricing
  • 3162M F8SMHB 8HP *Close-out Pricing
  • 3167M F9.9SMHB 9.9HP *Close-out Pricing
  • 3165M F15LMHA 15HP *Close-out Pricing
  • 3133M T25LA 25HP *Close-out Pricing
  • 3134M T25LA 25HP *Close-out Pricing
  • 3089M F40LA 40HP *Close-out Pricing
  • 3110M T50LB 50HP *Close-out Pricing
  • 3132M F70LA 70HP *Close-out Pricing
  • 3093M F90LA 90HP *Close-out Pricing
  • 3117M F150XA 150HP *Close-out Pricing
  • 3118M F150XA + 3121M LF150XA (sold as a pair) *Close-out Pricing


Call or Contact us to inquire about other in stock motors not listed on this page!

*Yamaha does not have model years on engines. Closeout Motors are late-model, BRAND-NEW with full warranties and stored in our warehouse since original purchase.

Contact us today to find out more about repowering, or to purchase one of the above models of Yamaha engines.