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Welcome to the Boating Lifestyle

Boating is one of the best ways to enjoy the white sandy beaches and hidden island treasures in Southwest Florida and we can’t wait to have you join the boating lifestyle! Check out our Welcome to the Boating Lifestyle Guide!


Boating Safety Guide

Safe boating should be a top priority as you plan to head out for a boat day. To help you get started, we created this safety guide that includes tips for items to bring with you, how to prepare for the weather, and more.


Blog Posts

boating traffic boating traffic

Boating Traffic Rules

Florida’s boating traffic rules aren’t just courtesy— much of the time they’re law! Here are a few tips to ensure you legally and safely enjoy the waters while out on your boat: Be Polite, Stay to the Right Unless marked otherwise, you want to keep to the right side of the waterway when you are […]

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Boat safety gear Boat safety gear

Safety Gear to Keep on Your Boat

Don’t take off on a boating adventure unless you’re sure you have all the proper boat safety gear aboard! Here are a few items you’ll want to make sure to have with you before you head out on the water: PFDs (life jackets) Some boat safety gear isn’t just recommended to have on board—it’s the […]

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Boat Servicing Boat Servicing

How Often Should You Service Your Boat

The frequency you need to bring your boat in for a boat service isn’t always straightforward. Does your engine need servicing every 100 hours? Once a year? Does skipping a service even matter? In this article, we answer all these questions and more! Where do I find the service schedule for my specific boat? Many […]

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