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When it comes to fishing, there are a variety of boat options on the market that you’ll want to consider. Here are a few of the top boats to consider for serious anglers, weekend warriors, and family fishermen:

Center console boats

Center console boats are always a top choice for fishing. Well-loved by serious anglers, these boats have plenty of room for fishing with open deck space on every side and from every angle. These boats have minimal distractions so your focus can be squarely centered on fishing. However, they are just as luxurious as other types of fishing boats. For instance, look at the Grady-White Canyon Models. They just released the 2024 Grady-White Canyon 456, which is a great example of what a center console boat can be. This center console boat series combines functionality with the utmost in performance and quality.

Dual-console boats

If you love fishing but don’t plan on having fishing be the sole focus of your boating adventures, you may want to consider a dual-console boat. These boats have two consoles with a walking path through the center of the boat which is ideal for sitting back and relaxing between your catches. While more seating means a little less deck space to fish on than a center console boat, this sit-up is a great combined family and fishing boat. Get a better idea of what makes dual-console boats so special through the Grady-White Dual Console series.

Bay Boats

For shallow-water fishing, bay boats are a great choice for anglers. Bay boats make it easy to spot fish due to their elevated casting decks on the bow and the stern. Additionally, these boats are a solid option for day cruising, water sports, and family boating. Our top picks would be the Grady-White Coastal Explorer series or the Robalo Cayman models.

Other boat types to consider.

Looking for more options? You may also want to look into Grady White’s Express Cruisers. Named one of the 25 all-time greatest offshore saltwater fishing boats, Grady’s Express 370 is a fishing boat you are sure to love. This full line of boats offers ultimate luxury, safety, and functionality. View the best Grady-White Express cruisers currently for sale here.

Find the right fishing boat for you.

Ready to check out each of these fishing boats in person or get an in-depth look at your favorite boat? Stop by the Fish Tale Boats sales floor to see these boat types in person and decide which boat best fits your needs. Our knowledgeable sales staff will provide you with all the information you need to make an educated decision about the boat that best fits your lifestyle and fishing goals.