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Before you head out into open waters, make sure you know as much marine etiquette as you can before boating in the busy Southwest Florida waterways! Here are a few tips to keep in mind from your local boat dealer, Fish Tale Boats.

Understand The Navigation Markers

Just like roads have markings, lights, and signs— so do waterways! And following the rules of the waterway is necessary to keep everyone safe. A few things you should always keep in mind are that green markers should always be on your right (starboard) when traveling toward open waters and red markers should be on your starboard side when traveling back from open waters. Orange and white navigation aids are in place to warn you about regulations or dangers.

Know The Rules of Passing

When it’s busy on the water, you may need to pass other boats. To pass on the starboard side, blast your horn twice and wait for the other boater to respond in kind. This lets you know you’re good to pass! If you’d like to pass on the portside (left), blast your horn once and wait for a response before passing. Once you start to pass, make sure to maintain your course and speed.

Respect The Rules of Right-Of-Way

While you are out enjoying the boating lifestyle, be cognizant of others around you who are out enjoying their day (or hard at work) as well. Sailboats, kayaks, SUPs, and canoes all have the right-of-way over a powerboat. So does any large vessel with a limited ability to maneuver. One other right of way rule to know is that if a boat approaches you from the right, they automatically have right of way!

Learn More About Marine Etiquette

Fish Tale Boats offers all new boat owners a free safety guide, welcome guide, and delivery orientation with every purchase. As your trusted boat dealer, we want to make sure we help to make your boating experience as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

If you have other questions about marine etiquette, you are also welcomed to stop by the Fish Tale locations in Naples and Fort Myers to learn more!