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Rather than get stuck on the “miserable mile” or on a busy beach, head straight to your own slice of paradise this boating season! Here are our top tips to make sure you are finding the best spots for Southwest Florida’s 2023 boating season:

 Make the Miserable Mile Less Miserable

The “miserable mile” is the name given to the narrow channel just outside Ft Myers. Stray outside the markers even slightly and you could be run aground and to make the situation worse, it’s often crowded. However, if you take it slow, watch where you are going, and head out at the right time, the miserable mile can become very enjoyable. While you’ll primarily need to time your passage on the tides, your secondary timing consideration should be crowds. The busiest times are usually weekends between 10am-4pm. Avoid those hours and you’ll be a lot less miserable as you enter the waters of 10,000 Islands, Cape Harbor, and more.

Enjoy The Sunrise and Sunset

Florida sunsets are absolutely stunning, but if you love fishing, the views aren’t the only reason you’ll want to be on your boat at sunset or sunrise. Just before the sun comes up and just before the sun sets are some of the most productive times for shallow water fishing in Southwest Florida. That’s believed to be because low light conditions give predatory fish better camouflage as they hunt their prey, giving them the confidence to swim closer to the surface.

Discover Exclusive Spots

A great rule of thumb is if you can reach an area or island without a boat, don’t bring your boat there. Rather, avoid the crowds by heading straight to the spots that only boats can navigate too. For example, Cayo Costa offers raw beauty with it’s 2,426 acres of protected state land. It’s a great place to enjoy hiking, fishing, and even camping overnight, if you wish! For fishing, we recommend staying close to the coves during incoming tides — you’ll find a surprising number of fish gathered there.

For more boating tips for the 2023 boating season, head into Fish Tale Boats. We love sharing our love of the water with clients and giving tips to make sure the boating lifestyle lives up to your every dream. As well as knowing the Florida waterways like the back of our hand, we can also help with everything from buying a new boat to upgrading your electronics and fixing any issues your boat may be facing. We look forward to seeing you soon!