At Fish Tale Boats, we are excited to offer a suite of Yamaha motors for all sizes and boats. Last month,
Fish Tale’s team had the pleasure of visiting the Yamaha Outboards test facility to unveil the new 5.6L V8
XTO Offshore engine. The new model is Yamaha’s biggest outboard yet, since the company debuted the
F350 in 2007. The engine features direct injection, 12.2-to-1 compression, and electric steering.

Highlights of Yamaha’s latest engine model:

  • The first four-stroke powerhead in the outboard industry to use direct injection. To improve
    atomization and increase the effectiveness of the fuel burn, fuel is sprayed at a high pressure
    directly into the combustion chamber rather than the intake track.
  • To ensure proper fuel flow and delivery even at very high-pressure RPM, the direct injection
    system has five fuel pumps and allows injection pressure up to 2,900 PSI. The three-stage fuel pressure
    system is composed of two fuel pumps within the Vapor Separator Tank that activate
    at individual RPM.
  • For better efficiency and power, the motor has the highest compression ratio in an outboard at
    12.2-to-1, enabled by the piston-cooling effects of the direct injection.
  • The integrated electrical steering system with no hydraulic lines or linkages, responds quicker
    than conventional systems to steering inputs.
  • A two-stage water pump and dual-chamber oil pump, designed to respond to heavy loads; as
    well as an oversized gear case, hardened gears, and a robust offshore bracket and motor
  • Improved throttle response and economy, increased service interval, and improved power –
    the motor’s spark plugs are made from the rare element iridium.
  • Quad thermostats, 2 per cylinder bank – one to help regulate engine temperature, and one to
    help regulate oil temperature.

The outboard system is designed to push the heaviest offshore boats and yachts, with 5.6 liters of thrust
and 425 horsepower. At Fish Tale, we carry Grady-White boats which are one of the highest quality
offshore fishing boat manufacturers. We were thrilled to feature our Grady-White Canyon 456 as a test
at the 5.6L V8 XTO Offshore engine unveiling. The 456 is a re-imagining of a luxury sportfishing yacht,
crafted with exceptional attention to detail. The flagship is incredibly spacious, 24,500 lbs. without
engines, and is 45-feet long. The Grady White Canyon 456 has the widest beam in its category and is the
largest unsinkable boat of its kind.

Fort Myers Boat Dealership Offering Yamaha Motors

In addition to carrying a stock of luxury boats, parts, and providing service, Fish Tale has repowered
boats in Southwest Florida for over 25 years. Fish Tale Boats has many models of Yamaha Outboards in
stock, and our certified Yamaha technicians can assist you in the selection of a Yamaha Motor for your
boat. We can provide an estimate for a repower and a repower plan for your boat. If you think the 5.6L
V8 XTO is the perfect motor for your boat or want to learn more about the motors we have in stock, call
or contact us today.