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Purchasing a boat is one of the most important purchases you will make. It is a huge investment, so you
want to make sure you do your research and pick the boat that best suits your needs. With so many
different brands, makes and models – it can be a difficult decision to narrow down the right choice for
you. At Fish Tale we carry a variety of brands, so you can find your dream boat.

Grady-White – The Offshore Fishing Boat

Are you a fisherman who wants to freedom to go off-shore, or take an adventurous overnight fishing
excursion? You need a boat that is designed with all the tools and features you need to make your
fishing experience as seamless as possible. The name Grady-White has become synonymous with
offshore fishing. Established in 1959, the brand’s models are purposeful, safe, and reliable. The
attention to detail and luxury features are carefully crafted with functionality in mind to give you a
smooth, dry fishing trip offshore.

Chaparral – The Family Friendly Boat

If you grew up with a family boat, you know how boat days create memories that can’t be replaced. If
you have the opportunity to purchase a boat and create these beautiful bonding moments – you must
find the boat with a balance of comfort and quality for your family. Chaparral Boats are the leading
manufacturer of quality fiberglass boats. The boats are designed with for pleasure fishing and enjoying a
relaxing day out of the water. Chaparral appreciates that time spent on the boat is prime for you to
spend quality time with your family – and they have exceptional customer service to make your owner
experience as easy as possible.

Robalo – The Family Fishing Boat

If you’re looking for something in between Grady-White’s fishing functionality and Chaparral’s relaxing
family-friendly design – Robalo is the perfect fit for you. They have been a classic in fishing circles for
nearly forty years and have an innovative line of multi-purpose boats. The high-quality features like
tournament-quality livewells, bait prep centers, road storage and fish boxes will give you everything you
need for a day of fishing. Also, the user-friendly cabins layouts, plush interiors, and clever seating
arrangements make it perfect for a day of family fun and cruising. Robalo has the perfect blend of
comfort and style for a family fishing day on the water.

Avalon – The All-Purpose Boat

Avalon is a pontoon boat manufacturer that creates luxury, high-performance boats of exceptional
value. Pontoon boats are a great all-purpose boat make that can serve a variety of needs like fishing,
swimming, skiing, or just cruising around. They can also be outfitted with a wide variety of options
including grills, wakeboard racks, inviting lounges, and even water slides. The wide range of styles goes
from a 14’ economy pontoon to a 27’ luxury pontoon. If you want a boat that can give you freedom for a
range of activities, an Avalon pontoon boat is the one for you.

Contact A Southwest Florida Boat Dealer to Find Your Dream Boat

Fish Tale proudly carries Grady-White, Chaparral, Robalo, and Avalon boats in Southwest Florida. We
have a variety of models, both new and used. Our experienced staff can help you select the right boat
for you. Contact us today to find the boat of your dreams and join the boating lifestyle.