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Yamaha introduces new, updated V6 offshore outboards for 2021. The new F250 and F300 V6 Digital Electronic Control (DEC) engines come with built-in Digital Electric Steering (DES), Thrust Enhancing Reverse Exhaust (TERE), and Yamaha’s TotalTilt function. These new engines now have many benefits that only the XTO Offshore used to have.

The new DES built in the new V6 engines is the latest steering technology and allows for smoother, fast steering, only drawing battery amperage when actively used. It makes it easier to rig compared to other conventional steering systems and creates an uncluttered bilge with no hoses, steering pumps, or connections. It offers less complexity and more straightforward serviceability.

The traditional, mechanical DEC models of the F250 and F300 remain unchanged and are still available for purchase.

The DEC models are ergonomic and easy to operate even without the DES features. They provide smooth, precise throttle operation and easy rigging capabilities. Overall, it still lets boaters enjoy some benefits of having digital features.

The TERE feature will greatly facilitate reverse thrust and control with the new engines. It keeps exhaust bubbles above the anti-ventilation plate and out of the propeller when going below 2500 rpm. It is the most effective when combined with the precision of the DES and the maneuverability of the Helm Master EX. All these improve your control greatly when docking or navigating through narrow spaces.

Lastly, the TotalTilt function will allow complete tilt up or down from any position. It comes with a new tilt limiter feature to prevent damage. Models with the built-in DES will be able to tilt higher off the water, helping diminish chances of corrosion.

These new Yamaha V6 offshore outboards are currently available for purchase. Contact us today to learn more.