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What does the future of pontoon boats look like? If you’re asking Premier Pontoons, the answer is clear: it’s looking brighter than ever. With a myriad of milestones achieved in 2022, such as unveiling sleek new branding and logo design, Premier Pontoons are ready to take on the competition and cement its place as a top player in the industry. So what else is behind the company’s meteoric rise? Keep reading to find out!

Envision Acquires Premier & Appoints New CEO

On May 3, 2021, the Envision Company based in Elk River, MN announced their acquisition of Premier Marine – well known for luxury pontoons and located in Wyoming, MN. Along with the acquisition came the appointment of a new CEO, Chris Carlson. Carlson has over 10 years of experience as the CEO of Envision Company. He stated that this is the perfect opportunity. They wanted to work in an industry where they had the passion and experience to apply their extensive manufacturing experience and leverage their relationships. Premier Marine checks all the boxes.

A Stylish Refresh: Introducing Our New Logo

After the acquisition, Premier Pontoons wasted no time in refreshing its branding. This included a new logo and website, both of which reflect the company’s renewed commitment to quality and innovation. The new logo is inspired by the Premier name and its meaning “first in rank or class”. The two colors reflect the two different types of people who love Premier pontoon boats – those who prefer the classic look and those who want something a little more modern. Premier Pontoons is committed to offering the best of both worlds – classic style with a modern twist.

Opening New World-Class Facility

In August of 2022, Premier Pontoons celebrated the opening of their new state-of-the-art facility in Big Lake, Minnesota.  In a span of 10 months, an 85-acre land was transformed into the new home of Premier Marine to manufacture luxury pontoons that are popular among performance boaters. With a production capacity of 5,000 boats each year, this factory is now one of the largest in our community. Our new 150,000-square-foot facility features top-tier engineering and fabrication technologies that establish Big Lake as the home of one of the most admired pontoon manufacturers in the marine industry.

Announcing the New Super Sport Model

Premier Pontoons is excited to announce its newest model – the Super Sport. This luxurious pontoon is perfect for those who love to entertain on the water. SuperSport’s exclusive Performance Planning Surface (PPS), angled variable ride surface, and dual inward lifting strakes let the boat accelerate faster, achieve greater top speeds, carve tighter, plane quicker, and deliver a smoother overall ride. SuperSport’s PTX technology completely changes how a pontoon operates, allowing it to look great while still delivering amazing performance.

To Sum it Up

Premier Pontoons have had an exciting and eventful year in 2022. From their acquisition by Envision to renewing their branding and logo, opening up a new facility, and announcing a new supersport model; Premier Pontoons has made waves in the marine industry. Their hard work has been recognized with awards such as the PTX and the Innovation Awards from the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (NMMA) and Boating Writers International (BWI). Premier Pontoons is definitely a company to watch in the coming years!

About Premier Marine

Premier Marine Inc. creates luxury performance pontoon boats that are renowned for their quality and durability. Premier Marine holds multiple patents and trademarks on essential manufacturing elements, such as the Premier Ricochet Ladder System, which is designed for strength and resilience, as well as furniture hinges that are resistant to corrosion. In addition, all of our boats come equipped with the PTX™ performance package. Premier Marine, a 29-year-old company, is headquartered in Wyoming, Minnesota, and owned by Envision Company located in Elk River, Minnesota. It sells its pontoons through boat dealers situated throughout the United States and Canada.