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As one of America’s top manufacturers, Robalo offers a variety of fishing boats equipped with top-notch innovative features. They have been a leader in the marine industry for over 50 years with more than 15 different models divided into three categories: dual consoles, center consoles, and bay boats.

Before you browse boats for sale, you should learn why Robalo differs so much from other boats. Coming first in outstanding quality and performance, if fishing is a passion for you, you should consider them over many other brands. Here is why.

Quality Materials That Last A Lifetime

Robalo incorporates materials that can withstand tough conditions to provide you with a life-lasting boat. Here is a list of the materials used for the interior of the boat.

  • All the wiring on the boat is loom wrapped to prevent wire damage from the heat and from chafing.
  • All the hardware is chrome-plated stainless steel to resist corrosion.
  • With Triple O-ring waterproof connectors, Robalo ensures connection every time.
  • A trailer tailored to your boat is complementary with selected models.
  • All rub rails are heavy duty with stainless steel inserts.
  • The premium upholstery is stain-resistant to keep your boat looking brand new.
  • The Hull is reinforced at the keel with Kevlar for added durability.

All Robalo boats are handcrafted by experts in the field. From hand laying fiberglass in the hulls and decks to making the dash consoles, doors, hardtops, and all the other pieces for the interiors, the boat manufacturer assures top quality.

First-Class Engineering and Design

Robalo focuses on including a design that accentuates family and fishing. Many of the different features can have the dual purpose of accommodating your family or assisting you on your fishing day. An example is the insulated live wells and fish boxes that can be used as coolers for family outings.

To facilitate fishing, Robalo boats have steel rails and Diamond Lustre non-skid integrated into the gel coat to help you keep footing when reeling in a fish. The gunwale rod storage includes reel pads to protect your fishing gear.

Regarding the performance, several key elements make it stand out.

  • Selected models have superior stability under different speeds because of an extended running surface that allows the “v-plane” to continue aft of the transom.
  • The hydro-lift gives a fast plane time allowing for a fuel-efficient boat and it also contributes to a softer ride.
  • The high freeboard will keep you dry when navigating through big waves.
  • A forward keel design facilitates rapid acceleration improving the response of the boat.

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After learning what makes Robalo a superior brand, it’s time to look for a trusted dealer offering Robalo boats for sale.

Fish Tale Boats is a Robalo boat dealer servicing Naples, Fort Myers, and Cape Coral. We were recognized in 2019 as the number one Robalo dealer in the world. Our sales team has a deep knowledge and understanding of all Robalo boats and can help you find a model that best suits your boating needs.

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