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Chaparral has been building family boats since the 1960s and has set the standard for high quality. In 2014 they introduced their jet boats, the Vortex Models. These jet boats share the same quality and dependability you know from Chaparral’s other models, with amazing new features and expert designs. Your weekends will never be the same with the Chaparral 203 & 243 Vortex Boats.


The 243 Vortex VRX is the leader of the pack with the Chaparral jet boat models. The boat has many notable features that give you everything you need to have a fun, relaxing day out on the water. It is designed with an open concept U-shaped seating and extensive storage space. Anchor storage is easy with a dedicated compartment, including a cradle a room for a line and chain, as well as a ladder in the forward compartment. The boat features a center walk-thru entry which makes stepping in and out of the boat easier. There is comfortable seating in both the bow and cockpit. Up front, there is adult sized legroom and room to stow carry-ons under the seat cushions. The boat also features a swim platform, transom speakers, stainless steel drink holders, and grab handles that surround the seats.

While the 203 is smaller than the other jet boat models, however, it is still a luxury boat with premium features. It has nearly the exact same layout and design as the other Vortex VRX Models (223 & 243), just in a smaller package. This boat is ideal for those who want to take their boat out on smaller lakes and may have to adhere to size restrictions or boaters who have a more specific budget in mind for their purchases.


When it comes to power, the Vortex models have a horsepower advantage across the board. This makes them perfect for wakeboarding or tubing. The INR (Intelligent neutral & reverse) is standard on all Vortex models, giving electronic control to formerly mechanical functions in jet propulsion. The Rotax engines in the boat also use a closed loop cooling system, keeping it operating at a consistent temperature that provides corrosion protection.


All models come standard with computerized driving aids, with cruise control that functions just like that in your car. Eco mode controls fuel efficiency by limiting engine torque. Ski mode controls vessel speed and acceleration profiles and can feature up to 5 rider presets so anyone in your family can be an expert tow driver. Docking mode limits engine power for increased maneuverability. The system also has provisions for accessing the boat’s audio system, monitoring depth levels, fuel data, and trip information. You can also upgrade to the Medallion Viper II, which includes GPS standard and two video ports.

At Fish Tale Boats, we believe in selling products of the highest standard. If you are looking for a jet boat with premium features that you won’t find anywhere else, the Chaparral 203 & 243 Vortex models are for you. For more information, contact us at 239-309-2678 or visit one of our locations in Southwest Florida.