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One of the most important aspects to owning a boat is regular maintenance. We’ve previously shared our best boat maintenance tips, one of which is regularly washing and protecting your boat.

Dirt, water, aquatic life, mud, and plants can all cause damage to your boat over time, working their way into every part of the boat, which can sometimes cost a significant amount to fix after the fact. By cleaning your boat regularly, and protecting it from the elements, you can reduce the risk of damage and maintain the value of your boat the best you can.

At Fish Tale, we use the most advanced products to seal and protect the surfaces on your boat. While regular cleaning is important, our protection system focuses on preventing wear and damage to your boat from occurring in the first place. It creates a glass-like, non-porous finish that repels dirt, UV rays, salt spray, and other elements that will damage the finish of your boat. It will leave you with the most protective, high-gloss finish in the industry.

Our Partnership with Premier Polishing

We’ve partnered with Premier Polishing, who are experts in using marine ceramic coating. Installed exclusively by Premier Polishing at Fish Tale Boats in Fort Myers, it provides the ultimate high gloss protection. Cermatek is a marine grade 9h ceramic nanocoating, which when installed on your boat creates a glass-like semi-permanent protective layer.

This is what will seal off the surface of your boat and repel any harsh elements that can cause damage. The nonstick barrier that is created will make future washes a breeze, helping any dirt or debris wash right off.

The nanocoating is combined with a Ceramtek Hydroserum, which is a Carbon infused Si02 Spray coating. This is an easy to use aftercare Topcoat product that instantly creates a hydrophobic super slick antistatic sub coating. Hydroserum will outperform any wax or polish on the market. When used regularly, it will extend the life of the Ceramtek coating indefinitely thus eliminating the need for future polishing and oxidation removal. Bottles of Hydroserum Conecentrate are for sale at our Fort Myers Parts Department.

How To Take Care Of Your Boat

Our products and care will protect your investment and keep your boat maintained, but it is important to still make sure you are taking the steps to keep your boat clean when you take it on the water. Here are some of our top boat cleaning tips:

  • Chose your cleaner carefully – The American Boat Association recommends using an environmentally friendly soap and staying away from super concentrated detergents that can strip away finishes, dry out gelcoat and damage your boat.
  • Rinse regularly – with your ceramic coating, giving your boat a nice rinse will make all the difference. The seal will keep elements on the surface so with a rinse from the top down, any grime or dirt that builds up will be removed.
  • Don’t forget the interior – ceramic coating, washing, and rinsing will keep the outside of your boat protected from the elements, but the interior needs attention as well. Make sure your boat seats are wiped down, and any other interior elements are being cleaned regularly.

Come to Fish Tale Boats for Marine Ceramic Coating

If you’re interested in learning more about our Premier Polishing Ceramic Coating service at Fish Tale Boats, come to our Fort Myers location or contact us today!

In addition to boat detailing, we also have an extensive service department with more than 40 skilled employees on staff to take care of all your boat maintenance needs, and a fully-stocked parts department. We are proud to be Southwest Florida’s leading regional boat dealership, carrying boats by Grady-White, Robalo, Chaparral, and Premier Pontoons.