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Compared to older pontoon boats, today’s pontoon boats for sale are faster and more luxurious, aligning with modern needs. If you are in the market for a pontoon boat, you’ve likely come across a couple of brands, including Bennington or Premier Pontoons. Here, we will cover how they work and the differences between Premier Pontoons and Bennington Pontoons.

Pontoon Boats

Pontoon boats have a floating design with hollow and airtight tubes. These tubes are water-resistant, preventing the boat from sinking. These boats usually contain more than two pontoon tubes, which allow the boat to keep its balance and provide a very stable and smooth ride. Below, you will find some benefits of pontoon boats and why you should consider one:

  • Pontoons usually have more space for storage and seating arrangements than motorboats or speed boats.
  • Pontoons are user-friendly and perfect for families since they can accommodate many people. Furthermore, pontoons are difficult to flip, making it safer for you and your loved ones.
  • Another benefit of having a pontoon boat is its longevity due to easy maintenance requirements.
  • You can easily customize and add additional items such as speakers, LED lights, or water slides for kids and adults.

Premier Pontoons vs. Bennington Pontoon Boats

When you search for pontoon boats for sale in Florida, you will come across Premier Pontoons and Bennington Pontoon Boats. Choosing between both these pontoon boats can be difficult if you are not familiar with the main differences. Here are some factors to consider before deciding.


Both Premier and Bennington Pontoons have quality in their structure and development. To secure the tubes, Bennington Pontoons offer THRU-BOLT™ technology. This will keep your boat calm and stable for quiet, smoother rides.

Premier Pontoons, however, guarantees unparalleled performance with the PTX Hull Technology. The hull-shaped center tube combined with planing surfaces, lifting strakes, and performance sheeting equate to faster planing, speed, sharper turns, and buoyancy.

The Premier Pontoons’ performance sheeting help shed water away from the decking and increase performance, while the lifting strakes allow the boat to get up on plane faster increasing speed. Overall, these allow the PTX Hull Technology to provide you with an exceptional boating experience.

Usability & Functionality

Bennington Pontoons have storage solutions under the deck and in the console to best enjoy your day on the water. Their boats also have integrated cupholders and USB charging stations.

Premier Pontoons uses the most advanced electronics in the industry. They are the only pontoon manufacturer to offer a 12’ Simrad display on select models. They also have massive in-floor storage, about 7’ long, to accommodate for wakeboard, fishing rods, life jackets, coolers, and more.


When you purchase a Premier Pontoon, you will get a transferrable lifetime structural warranty and a seven-year factory bow to stern warranty. The seven-year warranty is also eligible for furniture fabric and vinyl flooring. You will also get a warranty on rails, gates, tube welds, Bimini frames and brackets, and furniture frames.

Bennington Pontoon Boats offers you a lifetime warranty on their deck and ten years of transferable bow-to-stern warranty with no warranty transfer fees. It covers 100% of materials, parts, and labor.

Floor Plans

A few of the floor layouts of both pontoons are quite similar. However, Premier Pontoons has a more extensive list of models to choose from. Their double-decker pontoons are a sensation since they can even include a slide from the top of the boat to the water. Premier Pontoons also offers larger layouts in 10’ wide and even 12’ wide.

Bennington Pontoons offer a smaller variety of models and floor plans with 4 major series and about 3 models in each series.

When you start looking for pontoon boats for sale, you can check the floor plans on their official websites to best find the design that fits what you are looking for. Or, come by Fish Tale Boats in Fort Myers or Naples to see Premier Pontoons in-person.


Bennington Pontoons have premium furniture with high-density foam to provide you with support and comfort. They also have luxurious and durable interiors relatively easy to clean.

Premier Pontoons, being a luxury brand of pontoons, have Ultrafabric interiors that look and feel like real leather and are stain-resistant. This fabric is used in other luxury products such as Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles.

Looking for Premier Pontoon Boats for Sale?

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