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As it gains more popularity, the Robalo 246 Cayman is becoming a boater’s new dreamboat. Now, if you’re a Robalo enthusiast, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

But before you consider purchasing this beauty, it’s a good idea to do some reading. Here, we will discuss what makes this boat so amazing.

Fantastic Features and Specifications

The Robalo 246 Cayman is a super versatile and innovative boat. It boasts a kevlar reinforced hull alongside a revolutionary Hydro Lift. Not to mention, its futuristic multi-angle hull design allows professionals and beginners to maneuver and navigate the boat more precisely.

The boat features a stunning overall 24 foot and 6 inches and 9-foot beam. Plus, you can get a powerful Yamaha engine that ensures you can ride over the waves at top speeds. The 9’ beam adds stability and makes it easy to walk on the wide gunnels.

Spacious and Comfortable

Rejuvenate your boating experience by going offshore in a spacious and super comfortable boat. The 246 Cayman ensures a top-notch boating experience by featuring a huge bow and aft casting deck. Also, forward seating backrests make the bow of the boat more comfortable to get some sun and relax.

The boat includes a comfortable helm seat spacious enough for two people. With the Sky Deck model, it has an upper station, the powder-coated ladders offer convenience and easy access. Plus, this innovative design adds style and durability to your boat. Just below the console area is a spacious chamber for storage and a porta-potty.

Expedite Fishing Experience

On top of all that, the 246 Cayman boasts your conventional mounted rod holders, a high-quality bow center insulated livewell, and first-rate quality twin aft insulated livewells. When combined, these features enhance your fishing experience. Optional equipment like a trolling motor and Hydraulic Jackplate help you navigate the skinny waters with the 12” hull draft.

Customizable and Stylish

Combining state of the art features with a classy design, the Robalo 246 Cayman is the ideal option for boating enthusiasts.

This sleek and incredible boat comes in a wide variety of color combinations. You can choose from storm clouds, diamond silver, ocean sand, deep water black, deep water blue, ice blue, and seafoam green. This array of options allows you to find a color that best matches your taste.

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