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Grady-White offers some of the best saltwater fishing, dual console, and cruising boats in the industry. Learn the basics of what makes Grady-White such a stand-out boat brand below:

Grady-White Boat Models

Grady-White offers a variety of models for all types of boat lovers. This includes center consoles, coastal explorers, dual consoles, express cabins, and walkaround cabin boats. The Grady-White center console boats are ideal for serious anglers who also enjoy laid-back cruising days with family and friends. For shallow-water inshore fishermen, the Coastal Explorers are ideal! Day boaters and entertainers love the Dual Console models, which provide ample seating that lets you kick back while you’re on the water. Learn more about each boat model from Grady-White here.

Grady-White Boat Features

Grady-White Boats come with a variety of features that set them apart from the competition. One of the most well-loved features is the legendary SeaV² hull, which provides the softest, driest, and most stable ride of any boat on the market. The SeaV² hull is ranked #1 in each of the eight J.D. Power and Associates Marine Studies ever done. Additionally, Grady-White Boats come with a variety of color options for gel coats and a variety of specialty options, including biminis, ski pylons, and more.

Grady-White Boat History

The idea that sparked the beginnings of Grady-White Boats? To create a boat engineered for performance in the toughest conditions! Glen Grady and Don White founded Grady-White in 1959. Since then, Grady-White has become one of the most well-respected boat brands in the nation. Want an in-depth look at how Grady-White became a leader in the boat manufacturing field? Check out all the details here.

Grady-White Boat Dealers

To truly understand what sets Grady-White apart from other boat brands, you’ll want to see one for yourself! Fish Tale Boats sells both new and used Grady-White Boats in Southwest Florida. The Fish Tale Boats sales team can not only show you around one of the many Grady-White Boats available for purchase on the sales floor but also walk you through the exquisite details of each model. Check out the full Grady-White inventory at Fish Tale Boats here.