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Grady-White’s 281 Coastal Explorer made its debut at Miami’s International Boat Show in February 2023. Since then, this boat has been taking the Florida waters by storm. Here’s what makes the latest Grady-White boat so impressive:

A fisherman’s dream

Grady-White’s 281 Coastal Explorer is every fisherman’s dream, especially anglers interested in shallow-water fishing. The bow contains a casting deck, low gunnels with easy access to the water, and a shallower draft to easily fish within ‘skinny’ inshore waters. However, the 281 Coastal Explorer is also well suited to offshore fishing and in both saltwater and freshwater environments with available twin-engine power.

Inshore and offshore boating

Most inshore boats aren’t well-suited to offshore waters. However, the 2023 Grady-White 281 Coastal Explorer isn’t “most boats”. Its SeaV²® hull provides for safe, comfortable boating both offshore and inshore. This makes 281 Coastal Explorer the perfect boat for fishing, water sports, diving, and more.

Grady-White 281 Coastal Explorer Specs

The 281 Coastal Explorer speaks for itself. With available twin engine 300 Horsepower or Single 425 Horsepower options, a 160-gallon tank, and a 16-degree deadrise with SeaV²® progression, this boat is in a league of its own. Compare the specs of this boat with other Grady-White boats and other brands on the Fish Tale website.

Grady-White 251 CE vs 281 Coastal Explorer

The 281 is the second boat in the Coastal Explorer line, followed by the 251 CE. Both Coastal Explorers are set up like a center console boat with SeaV²® hulls for added stability. However, the 281 steps it up a notch. It nearly doubles the horsepower of the 251. The beam is wider at 9’4” versus 8’6” on the 251 CE. The shallow water draft is 19” vs 14” on the 251 CE. Additionally, this boat has even greater offshore adaptability than the 251 and features the latest Grady-White innovations. You can compare both models in depth here.

Learn more about the Grady-White 281 Coastal Explorer

If you have questions about the 2023 Grady-White 281 CE or would like to see one for yourself, head down to the Fish Tales sales floor in Fort Myers. Our knowledgeable sales team can answer your questions, give you a tour of our latest 2023 models, including the Grady-White 281 CE, and assist you in finding a boat that best fits your needs.