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Grady White Boats is a top boat manufacturer known for building excellent boats. They produce a variety of fishing boats believed to be unsinkable. Their boats include innovative, handmade designs that make them extravagant and a top performer in the United States.

Here, we briefly outline the unique process that goes into making these phenomenal boats.

Making the Hull and Deck

Since Grady White boats are primarily fiberglass boats, the boat makers tend to build them from the outside in. This helps them inspect the molds and polish them for a smooth and glossy finish. Handmade, knitted, and woven fiber glasses form the hulls and the decks.

First, they spray a highly durable gel coat on the mold. Before spraying the mold, the workers make sure that they polish the mold vigorously. Once they finish spraying the gel coat, they press down the fiberglass between any layers of the molds. This process requires great attention to detail.

After the spraying process, the boat makers cure the mold to ensure that it is robust, firm, and ready to operate. The craftsmen do everything, from the spreading of a gel coat to the application of fiberglass by hand, a clear indication of how labor-intensive it is to build Grady White boats.

Grady White strongly believes in making boats with reliability and durability. Therefore, the fiberglass goes through temperature-controlled resin tanks for testing. This ensures that the mold and fiberglass can last in extreme temperatures. Furthermore, this marks a stamp on the quality and strength of a Grady White boat.

Once the workers finish the process of the mold, they push a laminate solution into the mold to make sure that there is no space or void in it.

Putting Everything Together

The next step includes the installation of rigging tubes into the framework of the boat. These tubes support the wires and cables.

Once the hulls, decks, and smaller parts go through the lamination process, they then head over to quality control and inspection.  Grady White boats go through multiple inspections at different stages of their process so that there is no doubt about their quality.

After quality tests, each part passes on to the assembly area. This is where the workers smooth the edges by grinding, making sure the parts fit. You will find a lot of manual work here too, which includes carpentry to fit windows and doors.  It also involves final installations like stainless steel nuts, bolts along with reliable four-stroke Yamaha engines.

Afterward, the boat enters a finishing phase, where many of the final touches are added, like styling tapes, logos, and wraps.

Get Your Grady White Boat at Fish Tale

Now you know what goes into making a Grady-White boat and why they are considered one of the top boat manufacturers. Not only does Grady White Boats provide you with higher quality, but they also guarantee safety and reliability.

At Fish Tale, you can find a wide variety of Grady White Boats for sale. As the winner of the Grady White Admiral’s Circle Award in 2020, you can expect excellent customer service. We are currently offering virtual appointment and video walk-throughs in case you prefer contactless viewings.

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