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If you are looking for an alternative to traditional anchoring methods— power poles may be an easy solution! This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about this boating accessory to see if it’s the right choice for you:

What is a power pole?

Power poles are anchoring systems used for shallow water fishing. They are retractable poles or spikes mounted on the transom of a boat. A boater will usually be able to control a power pole using a switch or remote control on the boat’s console. Once a power pole is deployed, it sinks into the ground below the water and keeps a boat from drifting while fishing.  These poles or spikes are usually pointed or concave so they dig into the ground effectively with hydraulic pressure and create a sturdy anchor point.

Why use a power pole?

There are a few advantages to anchoring with a power pole vs a traditional anchor. For one, power poles are usually easier to deploy than a traditional anchor. There is no manual deploying or retrieving— it’s just the single push of a button. Secondly, power poles don’t have noisy chains. They quietly deploy and retract from the water. Most importantly, power poles offer an advantage in shallow waters. They usually have adjustable deployment depths and can be precisely dropped in areas that are traditionally difficult to place a traditional anchor— like in a weed bed or drop-off.

How do you use a power pole?

Using a power pole is quite easy. Simply pull your boat up to the area you’d like to fish in. Then, use the remote control or switch installed with your power pole to deploy the pole from the stern of the boat into the water. Then, once you are done fishing, use the remote control or switch to retract your power pole back into the boat. The power pole doesn’t take any manual labor, its hydraulic or electric system will automatically bring it back into its housing on the boat.

What are some quick tips for using a power pole effectively?

The more you use a power pole, the more comfortable you will become with it. The best way to learn how to effectively use your power pole is through practice. Deploy your power pole in a variety of conditions, fishing holes, depths, and angles. You’ll also want to practice retracting your power pole while you have a fish on the line— will you be able to do both simultaneously while fighting a fish? It may also be worth testing out your power pole with a traditional anchor for added stability or even experiment with using an additional power pole at the same time.

For more information about power poles and their installation, contact Fish Tale Boats. Our team of experts and certified technicians will be more than happy to assist with any of your boating needs.